One of the most undesirable side effects of using anabolic steroids is the so-called pockets of hormones after menstruation. This term refers to low levels of testosterone in the body after stopping taking steroids. This happens because hormones come from outside. The body stops producing its hormones. Because the level of hormones in the body is high enough or above normal. When you stop taking steroids, there are cases where the hormones in your body do not support it. Endocrinologists have now begun to enter into traditional surgery. And it takes weeks or months to produce the right amount of hormones.

At this point, the body may have small amounts of androgens and corticosteroids. This imbalance is bad because there is no real amount of androgens. Corticosteroids will “eat” most of the accumulated muscle mass. Therefore, it is necessary to start producing the same testosterone levels as soon as possible.

There are several ways to achieve this goal. But not all methods work really. And to get results To choose the right option for your menstrual recovery, you need to understand what happens to the body during the recovery period after steroids.

Post Cycle Therapy after Deca

GGT (hypothalamus-pituitary-testicular) onion

These organs contribute to testosterone production. Once the hormone reaches physical levels, its production stops. The recession is starting production again.

At the top of the lifting belt is the hypothalamus. It releases the hormone gonadotropin (GnRH) which releases testosterone levels in the blood below certain levels. GnRH enters the second stage, where the pituitary gland is located. In response to the action of hormone release, this gland releases the hormone lutein (LH) and follicle-stimulating hormone. What stimulates the third phase of ejaculation – the testicles (testicles), the necessary testosterone is produced here. The amount of sex hormones produced is constantly monitored. Their blood levels signal the pituitary and hypothalamus to reduce or increase fluid flow. Artificial steroids give feedback on hormone collection in the same way.

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Testicular sensitivity is reduced

Control of natural testosterone production occurs due to reduced gonadotropic release and the hormone lutein, but this is not a major obstacle to the recovery of the GGT curve after stopping taking good anabolic steroids. This view was confirmed during a 1975 study. In this study, which lasted 21 weeks, participants received a testosterone injection of ananthate. The men were under special supervision for an additional 18 weeks.

At the start of the study, as expected, luteinizing hormone levels decreased as blood testosterone increased. What happened to the hormone after stopping taking the drug is shown in Figure 1. Lutein hormone levels begin to rise rapidly. And testosterone levels are almost identical over time. It started to grow only after 10 weeks. These data show that restoring testosterone levels to previous values is independent of LH levels. Here, the sensation of luteinizing hormone decreases due to testicular atrophy. Degeneration and inability to fully function begins with long-term activity, so long-term recovery of testosterone levels is usually not possible. Studies show the potential to treat low androgen levels with normal or high blood LH levels.

The role of antiestrogens

Antiestrogens alone are not enough to restore testosterone to normal body fluids. Drugs in this group suppress the hypothalamic response by increasing luteinizing hormone levels to prevent testosterone production. But studies have shown that the required amount of LH can quickly accumulate in the body. No need for special stimulants. In addition, due to the use of antiestrogens results in a supply of estrogen in the body and testosterone has become a raw material for synthesis. Restoration of subsequent levels of anabolic estrogen often occurs along with an increase in testosterone levels. But not before

There is no way or program that restores testosterone unless using antiestrogen therapy. There is ample scientific evidence that certain drugs, such as tamoxifen and clomid, can increase testosterone and LH in men. In ideal conditions, this is exactly what happens. If we cite the results of other studies that prove that the use of anabolic steroids reduces LH and suppresses testosterone production, the use of antiestrogens may be seen as a simple and inexpensive way to restore hormones. But the main problem is not considered here – minimizing testicular exposure. The importance of this point is made clear in reading the recovery rate of the hormone. From all these indications, the apparent cost of antiestrogen therapy for testosterone is very low.

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Chorionic gonadotropin value.

Because a single dose of estrogen is ineffective, another method of injecting chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) should be used to control hormone levels. The use of this hormone in the body will promote the production of natural luteinizing hormone, the closure alone will not reduce the dose and cost of the natural. In other words, you can still get as much medication as needed at the required level of testicular stimulation.

They will be as sensitive to both of these substances, as these hormones act on the same receptor. In this way, it is possible to reach the level of a hormone that will pass from the amount taken even with the help of antiestrogens. As a result, previous experiments may be completed soon. They will be able to start making testosterone before starting any further treatment. To date, hCG is considered to be the most important drug in the recovery program, and antiestrogens are widely used as supplements.

Post Cycle Therapy after Deca

The product program is a cycle.

This program is a very effective recovery method, developed by doctors to repair the hormonal system after graduation of anabolic steroids.

According to one of the founders of the program, more than 100 cases of effective treatment for hypogonadotropic hypogonadism have already been reported.

The program was part of a clinical trial that 19 healthy men underwent. For 12 weeks, she received high doses of testosterone cypionate and nandrolone decanoate to reduce testosterone production. The proposed method of normalizing GGT arc activity consists of the combined use of drugs hCG, Clomid and tamoxifen.

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  1. Gonadotropin is taken in 2500 units daily for 14 days (injection 7)
  2. Clomiphene citrate is taken 50 mg daily for 50 days.
  3. Tamoxifen citrate is taken daily for 20 days at 20 mg.

According to the indicator of the drug, the main stimulant is carried out with the help of human chorionic gonadotropin, although the activity lasts only 14 days. The reason for this is that prolonged hCG use or increased dose leads to a decrease in receptor sensitivity, which can lead to a more serious problem after the end of the study.

Antiestrogens begin with hCG studies and continue. Tamoxifen should be taken at a dose of 20 mg daily with Clomid at a dose of 50 mg. Clomid blocking time is shorter than tamoxifen, and due to possible hypersensitivity due to prolonged use. As a result, these two substances regulate the release of luteinizing hormone, reducing the total estrogenic potential that hCG can cause due to increased aromatase levels. As a rule, in the first two weeks, the effects of antiestrogens are not very high, but the effects are obvious.

In this clinical study, it was found that the final stabilization of all hormone levels takes about 45 days. This is a much better option than waiting for testosterone to return to normal. The PCT program should be used after every major session and the use of anabolic steroids. In addition, it will allow you to increase the amount of muscle you get in court.